ECOROW Panatta is a professional rowing machine that faithfully simulates the athletic act of rowing. It has been designed with magnetic resistance to minimise vibrations compared to classic air rowing machines and the effects of kickback that could affect especially the lumbar region.

ECOROW Panatta provides much higher resistance than air rowing machines. This is possible thanks to an innovative magnetic system that gives the user a much smoother and more natural rowing sensation with a load progression proportional to the row intensity.

ECOROW enables complete toning of the muscles in the arms, back, abdomen and legs. It improves athletic performance and cardiovascular capacity and is also effective for posture.

The main advantages of the Panatta rowing machine:

  • possibility of simultaneously training the entire body with a single rhythmic and fluid movement, increasing both strength and endurance and, above all, burning many calories;
  • discipline without impact and whose resistance is proportional to the user's muscular effort;
  • suitable for people of all ages and abilities;
  • applies the principles of functional training and cross training;

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