• high smoothness
    resistance system with hydraulic pistons.
  • compact and space saving
    overall surface: 1,2 m².
  • full range of motion
    machine designed to allow full range of motion to each kind of user: step length 95 cm.
  • 7 resistance levels
    chance to change the training intensity.
  • easy access system
    the backrest and anti-slip footrest make easier the starting and stopping of the training.
  • multi – grip handrails
    different types of training.
  • multi-device support
    the machine is equipped with support for smartphones and tablets.
  • large bottle holder
  • easy move
    fast and easy motion thanks to the back wheels and one rear handrail.
  • long life and low maintenance
    low maintenance and design conceived to last over the time. long-life components.
  • mobile platforms
    mobile platforms to ensure the physiological and correct posture during the workout.

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