• wide running surface
    the widest running surface of its category: 48×170 cm.
  • high smoothness and maximum quietness
    118 ball bearings ensure movement smoothness and quietness.
  • shock absorbing system
    60 hi-grip rubberised slats minimize the impact on joints and ensure the maximum stability when training.
  • 7 resistance levels
    braking system on 7 levels, from free run to a pushing movement.
  • maximum safety
    indication of the correct training posture on the belt. reverse motion prevented and notification of the belt limit.
  • multi-device support
    the machine is equipped with tablet and smartphone support.
  • large bottle holder
  • easy move
    fast and easy motion thanks to the back wheels and one rear handrail.
  • extremely sturdy and durable
    the ecoracer weight is of 217 kg, maximum stability even during high performance training.
  • long life and low maintenance
    the belt does not need lubrication. long-life components.
  • multi-grip handles
    lateral support and double frontal handgrip (low/high) that allows different pushing positions.
  • optional: display with lcd screen
    parameters: speed, time, distance, calories. heart rate monitoring / polar compatibility.

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