The Reverse Hyperextension is ideal for targeted training of the posterior thigh muscles (glutes and hamstrings) and lumbar muscles. It has been modified in the following aspects:

introduced the double work configuration:
with the thrust roller positioned on the ankles, for maximum involvement of the entire rear muscle chain (gluteal, hamstrings and lumbar),
with the thrust roller positioned above the knees, to isolate glutes more while minimizing the impact of the other muscle groups;
the central support padding has been replaced by a smaller element with a roller on the lower end, for greater comfort and less interference with the legs in the position of maximum hip flexion.
double working station, with push roller on the ankles or above the knees;
large thrust roller adjustable in both working positions;
physiological load curve;
counterbalance to reset the empty weight of the exercise lever;
side platform for easy access and positioning on the machine;
elbow pads with multi-grip handle for maximum torso stability during exercise
3 additional weight holders.

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